What Type of Pans Does Gordon Ramsay Use?

You most probably have heard about Gordon Ramsay, one of the most recognized people in the culinary arts industry. 

He has received many awards for being one of the excellent chefs the world has ever had. He is also an entrepreneur who has managed to build and manage 30 different restaurants globally. 

Besides all those, Gordon has been featured as one of the judges in most cooking shows and competitions, making him one of the trusted chefs globally. 

And because Gordon is one of the most recognized cooks, many have been asking what type of pans Gordon Ramsay uses to cook or what kitchen appliances he uses. 

This post will dive into some of the pans Gordon Ramsay uses in his cooking. Hopefully, I will try and answer all your questions in this post. 

Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Pans Recommendations

Below are Gordon’s recommendations based on his experience and expertise. 

1. Gordon Suggests Non-Stick Pans Should Be Your Priority

I can’t agree anymore that non-stick pans are way more convenient than any other pans you can find in the market. We all love the idea that you can cook without your food sticking on the pan, and that is what non-stick helps with. 

Besides just making it impossible for your food to stick on the pan, non-stick cookware will also make it possible for people who want to cook fat-free meals. This is why most people who want to monitor their weight love non-stick pans. 

2. As per Gordon, Copper Pans are Great For Daily Cooking

Apart from being appealing to the eye, copper pans are suitable for the daily cooking of meals. Professionals like Gordon mostly prefer copper pans because they are good conductors of heat. 

Additionally, these pans distribute heat evenly, so you won’t need to worry about uneven heat distribution that will often lead to your food getting burnt. 

Also, most people like Gordon prefer copper cookware because you can easily regulate the temperature. You don’t cook at very high temperatures or very low temperatures that will affect your cooked foods’ outcome. 

3. Gordon Ramsay Recommends Buying Stainless Steel Cookware

Apart from copper, Gordon Ramsay also recommends that cooking savvies go for stainless steel cookware because these cookwares are tough and can serve you longer than you can expect. 

It’s always sporadic for these pans to chip, so you can rest assured that you will have cookware that will serve you for years. Rust and stain are some of the problems you’ll bid goodbye to. 

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Stainless steel cookware is non-reactive, which makes them a perfect choice healthwise. They do not react with any kind of food you might think of, which means you will not worry about chemicals getting into your foods. 

4. Have Only a Few Pans

Gordon believes that you must not buy fancy kitchen equipment to cook delicious meals. He knows very well that different people have different set budgets for their kitchen equipment. 

According to the world’s most famous chef, you must not have 5, 10, 20, or even more pans to be the best cook. He says that a person only needs at least two pans to prepare the best delicacy. 

He says that these two pans should comprise a large pan and a small pan. You can use it for the big one for cooking large amounts of food – smaller pans are for cooking rice or heating liquids. 

5. Invest in Quality Pans

Instead of trying to save every penny when you have enough to spend, Gordon suggests that you invest in good quality pans that won’t inconvenience you when cooking your meals. 

Investing in high-quality pans means that they will save you the hassle of repairing your pans or even replacing them every time. In short, these pans will last longer and save you money. 

6. Buy Versatile Pans

Gordon suggests that chefs or cooking savvy buy versatile pans that they can use for many other different purposes and not only one purpose. 

It is always a better idea to buy a multi-purpose pan to save you the cost and the hassle of getting another pan anytime you want to do a different thing or cook a different meal. 

Ramsay suggests that you buy an ovenproof pan with a metal handle because these kinds of pans will give you the flexibility to cook like a professional. 

The metallic handles are good heat resistors, which means that you can even use these pans in the oven to bake your best delicacies without worrying about anything. 

Versatile pans will give you the flexibility of using them on the stove or in the oven. You won’t get fret over the handles either because they are flexible to serve different purposes. 

The only downside of metallic handles is that you will need to be extra cautious when handling them because they can get too hot and burn you. Usually, it is a good idea to use a piece of cloth when handling them. 

7. Purchase Pans with Lids

Well, this seems like a no-brainer, and most people have overlooked it for long. According to the world’s famous chef, buying pans with lids can save you a great deal. A pan with a lid will always heat up quickly, and this will cut some time off you’d have spent waiting for the food to cook. In other words, it saves you some time cooking. 

8. Check the Bottom of a Pan

The best way to check the quality of any pan you want to purchase is to check its bottom. Heavier pans at the bottom signify that the pan is high-quality and a good conductor of heat. 

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This, in simple terms, means that pans with heavy bottoms will cook your foods better and much faster. So you don’t have to wait longer before your food can cook. 

If you realize that the bottom of your pan is light, you need to think twice because light-bottomed pans can quickly burn your food, meaning that they don’t conduct heat well. 

Why is Gordon Ramsay Famous?

While we all know that Gordon Ramsay is the world’s most renowned chef, what makes him so popular that many publications have written about him? 

1. He’s a Top Chef and Entrepreneur

You probably know that he is a chef, but what you might not have known is that this man is also an entrepreneur. He initially worked under some reputable chefs before choosing to go on his own. For example, Gordon worked under Marco Pierre in London. 

In 1993, Gordon was named the head cook in a London restaurant called Aubergine, a newly opened restaurant. While working as the head in this restaurant, his hard work began to unveil, and this earned him 2-star Michelin in three years. 

Ramsay began his path of independence in 1998 when he started his restaurant in London. In no time, this restaurant became the town’s talk and soon grew into one of the most reputable restaurants in the city. 

This same restaurant got a 3-stars Michelin rating, which is always a good sign of success. After this achievement and numerous others, Gordon started creating many other restaurants. Today, Gordon Ramsay runs many other restaurants in Dubai, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Bordeaux. 

2. A Popular Cooking Judge

Because Gordon is good at what he does, you’d most certainly expect him to be invited as a judge in any cooking competition. Gordon became even more famous when he became a judge at the most popular tv show – Hell’s Kitchen, in 2005. 

Since becoming famous in that show, Gordon Ramsay has gone further to be a judge in many other tv shows. His cooks and advice criticism has made most tv show investors look for him whenever they want a chef-quality judge. 

Gordon Ramsay has grown into one of the fearless chef judges who never hesitates to give rude remarks, as long as he is honest and wants you to improve and become a better chef for all his success and reputation. 

3. Best Selling Author

Besides being a judge and a renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay has also been published as an author. He has authored some of the best books and wrote a few best-selling books in the industry, including one autobiography. 

This is a clear indication that Gordon is one man who loves diversifying income and that he believes that one source of income is not enough. Therefore, it is a lesson that you should try and diversify your sources of income if you want to be financially stable. He now commands a net worth of 200 million. 

What Brand of Knives Does Gordon Ramsay Use?

1. Best Chef Knives

Knives are presumably the essential tools a cook should possess. Often, they serve as additions to your hands. When buying kitchen knives, consider choosing ones with carbonated stainless steel construction. Carbon steel knives tend to maintain their sharpness once sharpened.  

Ceramic blades are incredibly sharp but very fragile. When it comes to handles, wood is mostly preferred to molded plastic. Again, a simple shape and smooth texture will go a long way to enhance your kitchen activities. It will also help to test the knife’s comfort before buying to avoid complicating things.

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2. Slicing and Dicing Knives 

Chef’s knives can be useful in many ways, including dicing, slicing, separating pieces of meat, and pounding garlic cloves using the blade’s side. When choosing a chef’s knife, ensure that it perfectly fits your hands for easy compatibility. 

The knife should neither be too heavy nor too light – it should feel balanced and sturdy enough when deboning meat. Meanwhile, below are some of the factors to consider when buying a chef’s knife:

  • An 8-inch blade: This length offers significant power without being cumbersome. A good chef’s knife should be long with a sloping curve for smooth chopping and mincing. 
  • The knife should be sturdy but lightweight: The knife in question should be light enough to quickly get the job done. When the knife is too heavy, it becomes stressful to use. It’s also worth noting that forged knives are bulkier than stamped knives. The handle should also enhance the knife’s balance when using. 

3. Best Paring Knives

Paring knives are ideal for slicing, peeling, and coring. It can also be used for fine tasks such as separating vanilla beans from its pods. When choosing a paring knife, check out for thin edges with spear tips for easy cutting. Below are some of the features to consider:

  • A 3- to 3 ½-inch blade: This is the recommended size and is compatible with various cutlery functions. 
  • Choose a blade with agility: A sharp, agile edge is all you want in a chef’s knife. When buying a paring knife, look for one that can perfectly handle tight corners when peeling and paring. Most importantly, the edge should be flexible for easy movement into tight corners. 

4. Carving Knife for Thin Cuts

A carving knife usually comes in handy when you need to cut thin layers of meat from a larger cut. When you have decided that you need a knife for thin cuts, you need to go for long, thin, and very sharp knives. Additionally, you’d want to look at the curvature – lesser curvature is better. 

  • A 12-inch blade & rounded tip: 12-inch long with 1.5 inches wide will serve you better when you need to cut through pieces of meat. On the other hand, a round tip is best for slicing as it is not easily snagged. 
  • Grant-edged knife: These kinds of knives feature elliptical scallops, making a thinner knife. These knives are known for their capability of slicing thinner pieces of meat. 

Final Thoughts 

Cooking is more fun when you have the right tools. Like Gordon Ramsay, you need to try out different kitchen equipment to enhance kitchen processes. Until then, it can be daunting to get done with your delicacies. 

Having read through this post, we hope you’ve learned some of the basics to help you choose the right kitchen tools. Now, you don’t have to worry about investing in cookware because Gordon Ramsay has provided you with quality suggestions. All the best in your passion for cooking.

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