Can You Cook Fish And Chicken in The Same Oven?


Are you considering cooking fish and chicken in an oven simultaneously but wondering if it would be a good idea? You’re not the only one thinking about this.   And yes, you have every reason to worry. Why? Firstly, fish and chicken have different cooking times and temperatures. Then there’s also the fear of cross-contamination.  … Read more

Are Enamel Pots Oven Safe? (And Safe For Baking?)


Enamel pots have become one of the popular cookware in recent times. These pots are versatile, and you can use them for cooking whatever cast iron cookware can cook.  Enamel pots are also an excellent conductor of heat and are super easy to clean. But you must understand how your cookware would react when used … Read more

Does Rubber Melt in The Oven?


When you have an appliance such as an oven, you always want to use it with care. You also have to understand that you can’t and can put certain materials in the oven.  Why? It gets super hot inside the oven. And several cooking materials may not have the capacity to withstand the heat. They … Read more

How Many Amps Does An Oven Use? (Toaster, Electric & Gas)


It is necessary to have a proper understanding of the electrical current (amperage) your appliance is using.  Understanding how much electricity your home appliances consume will give you an idea of how much it will take to run them. It can even help you decide on a cheaper or more convenient alternative.  Now, how do … Read more

Can You Put a Wooden Cutting Board in the Oven?


The wooden cutting board has many uses in the kitchen and has been a staple for centuries. You can chop food on it or place hot bowls and dishes on it to use it as a trivet. Its utility and simple design make the wood cutting board most suitable for dealing with hot pots and … Read more

Can You Put Parchment Paper in a Toaster Oven?


Parchment paper boasts several qualities that make it useful for various purposes. It is moisture, heat, and grease-resistant.  You can place parchment paper on your countertop to cover your work area and make cleanup after a messy task a breeze. Use it to wrap your fish and as a baking pan lining.  Parchment paper can … Read more

How Do The Subway Toasters Toast So Fast? (And Which Oven?)


There’s a reason the Subway toasters are called the speed oven. You can prepare toasts in this oven in record time.  Compare how quick the Subway toasters toast to other toasters, and you’ll understand how much of a speed demon they are.  The Subway toaster boasts a front door, removable baking pan, and wire rack. … Read more