Why is My Mini Fridge Freezing Everything?


If you’re reading this, you may be asking yourself, “Why is my mini-fridge freezing everything?” You might be experiencing this issue for the first time, and it’s probably a big deal to you.  Students use mini-fridges the most, though most people prefer to have one in their room, given their portability. But the issue of … Read more

Can You Freeze Spam? (And How to Freeze it?)


Though some individuals have different views on Spam’s taste, it is still one of the most widely consumed processed meats available.  Spam is canned food, and thus, we expect it to last for a long period. But then, what happens when you open the can and can’t finish the meat at once? Will you consider … Read more

Can You Freeze Risotto? (And How to Defrost it?)


Risotto is a nutritious and flavorful dish. It’s uniquely prepared and tastes great. When preparing this northern Italy dish, you have to cook it with broth for an extended period until the dish attains creamy consistency.  Risotto is also rich nutrition-wise. It can provide your body with a balance of three macronutrients. Arborio rice, butter, … Read more

Can You Freeze Kimchi? (Steps to Freeze)


It is no surprise that kimchi, a traditional Korean condiment, is gaining global recognition. People all over the world enjoy kimchi, whether homemade or store-bought.  This Korean dish is simple to make yet delicious. It consists of shredded cabbages pickled in plenty of seasonings and spices. People consume kimchi as a side dish, but some … Read more

Can You Freeze Queso Fresco? (And Can It Go Bad?)


Queso fresco is a compact, fresh cheese that melts readily and can be eaten over tacos, sandwiches, or nachos. Due to its low or complete lack of lactose content, it’s an excellent choice for persons with lactose allergies. When you make Queso fresco, it has a creamy texture like Monterey Jack, in which you can … Read more

Can You Freeze Cheese Dip? (And Refreeze it?)


Cheese dip is well known worldwide for its flexibility and exquisite taste. It comes in various flavors (onion, vegan, spiced, etc.) and can be served. Whether with nachos, fries, or even celery sticks and carrots as a healthy snack, there’s always a way to get you spiced up with cheese dip. However, what happens if … Read more

Can You Freeze Vodka Sauce? (And Steps to Freeze)


The vodka sauce is a delicacy. It is widely used in Italian-American cuisines. It’s also made by creatively combining vodka, smooth tomato sauce, typical Italian herbs, and heavy cream. The job of the vodka is to help in maintaining a cohesive texture. It helps to merge the creaminess and tomato sauce, imposing its taste on … Read more

Can You Freeze Olives? (And Defrost Frozen Olives?)


With olives, you can embrace the Mediterranean style of cooking and eating. Add delicious textures to your savory dishes, and Jazz up your sauces and salads.  Olives don’t just improve the tastes of dishes. They offer high nutritional benefits and healthy fat. Thus, they can be a significant loss when excluded from meals.  However, no … Read more

Can You Freeze Limes? (And How to Freeze Them?)


Lime zest, juices, and fruits are very useful. Lime also provides potassium, magnesium, and other nutritional benefits.  So, having fresh limes on hand will be beneficial. But the challenge most people think may exist when it comes to storing limes is that they can easily go bad.  However, limes stored at room temperature can last … Read more