Can You Fry Frozen Fries? (And How Long Should You Fry?)

Crispy and chunky frozen French fries with a soft center and perfect coating on every side! Wow, isn’t that mouthwatering? Testimonies have shown frozen fries to be perfect snacks, appetizers, and even a side dish that can be taken with juicy chicken. You hardly find a home or office where people do not crave frozen French fries.

With these fries at the disposal of every individual, there are still growing concerns regarding whether they should be fried or not. The short and most accurate answer is yes, you can fry frozen fries. Though this is an answer, we do not believe that it is enough to satisfy your curiosity. This is why this post will consider many other aspects of frozen fries.

There’s no doubt that you will enjoy the content in this post. This is why you should pay keen attention to the details below. If you are ready, let’s get to it.

Is It Okay To Fry Frozen Fries?

One thing you should know is that frying frozen fries has a lot of benefits. Apart from getting a sweeter taste when you fry them, you will also be cutting some calories in the process. Frying your frozen French fries has no implications attached to it. Instead of these threats, you have myriads of benefits to enjoy. From your health to improved appetite and sense of taste, frying your frozen fries help you greatly.

Let’s take a bold look at your health, for instance. If you are constantly interested in cutting calories, frying your frozen fries can be of great help. You need not engage yourself in strenuous activities; frying fries will reduce your body’s number of calories and fats.

Also, if you are not good with food and need something to boost your appetite, taking fried frozen fries is a good option. These snacks serve as an appetizer. They help you to improve your sense of taste and appetite significantly.

How Long Should You Fry Frozen French Fries?

Frying your frozen French fries should not take a long time. Between 10-15 minutes, and at most 20 minutes, you should be done with frying your fries. The number of minutes specified here includes all the times used during the fries’ processing and frying.

Several factors affect how long it takes to fry frozen fries. One of such factors, and in this case the most pressing, is the type of frying you choose to use. There are many types of frying you can choose to use. They include frying in a frying pan, frying using an air fryer, frying in an oven, and others.

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With frozen French fries, which do not require double frying, frying in a frying pan can be the most time-efficient. This is because your frozen fries readily appear golden brown after 3-5 minutes in the oil. Unlike baking and frying using the oven, you do not need to spread metal baking sheets while using a frying pan. Thus, frying in a frying pan is relatively good.

Using an air fryer to fry your frozen fries can take some time. Usually, you might end up using as much as 18 minutes when frying. After frying at 400°, you need to leave the fries for 18 minutes to cook properly.

If your choice is frying with an oven, you will likely spend more time. Your readiness to do whatever you want to do and get back to other things may greatly reduce the frying time. So, why does frying using an oven take much time? It is simply because there are several processes involved in using an oven to fry. Following each of these processes can take a lot of your time.

What Is The Best Oil For Frying Frozen French Fries?

When frying frozen fries, the most recommended types of oils are those with a high smoke point. These oils prevent the fries from breaking down at high temperatures, particularly when you use a deep fryer for frying. These oils also prevent too much smoke and help you control the rate at which smoke is emitted.

You might as well not want an oil that will add too much flavor to the fries. These flavors can affect the taste of the fries. Thus, olive oil is not an option because it affects the flavor of fries. Light olive oil and pomace olive oil are also not an option because they are made of low quality and are relatively cheap. They are less flavorful as well.

To get the best taste and flavor, you should fry your frozen French fries using the following oils;

  • Refined sunflower oil
  • Canola oil
  • Refined oil made from peanut
  • Refined corn oil

Are Frozen Fries Healthy?

Over the years, there have been increasing concerns about how healthy frozen fries are. Several kinds of research have been conducted to prove their health implications. So, are they good for your health and well-being?

Recent research has hinted that frozen French fries may be responsible for many deaths across the world. According to the research, people who consume frozen French fries more regularly have higher chances of dying than those who take less.

But then, it is still not settled if frozen French fries are entirely responsible for these people’s death. What other things, for instance, do these frequent consumers of frozen fries eat that could aggravate the possibility of their death? Is their condition a result of their food choices? Or are there also some factors to consider?

All these concerns are being looked into by several researchers worldwide to ensure that more facts are gathered on how healthy frozen fries are. Till then, it is better to watch how you consume French fries.

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Are Frozen French Fries Already Fried?

Many people want to know if there have been some cooking and frying before most producers of these consumable goods put them out for sale. The answer is yes. These frozen fries are usually cooked and fried before they are offered for sale in stores.

Most times, the pre-cooking and frying happen in two stages. In the first stage, the fries are fried at a low temperature. This is to ensure that the inside of the fries is cooked through and through.

The second stage involves some frying too. At this stage, the fries are heated at a very high temperature to make the fries crispy and brownish. Once stage two is completed, the producers go ahead to freeze the fries.

Although, in some cases, some producers only perform the first step as mentioned in the previous paragraph. They leave the consumers to perform the second step themselves.

Can Frozen Fries Go Bad?

The fries’ longevity depends on whether they are freshly made or frozen and how they are being preserved. Once fried, you can keep the fries in the refrigerator or reheat them regularly and even use them to make your dishes.

There are many types of frozen fries available for sale in specialty and grocery stores today. The good news is that no matter the brand or type of frozen fries you opt for, the number of days they will spend in the freezer before getting spoilt is the same. A bag containing frozen French fries, if adequately sealed, can last for as long as 10 to 12 months. However, if the fries start to thaw past 40°F, do not attempt refreezing them.

Once you remove the frozen fries from the bag, make sure you cook all the fries in the bag or return them to the refrigerator immediately.

How To Fry Frozen French Fries?

Usually, you shouldn’t be restricted to just one way of frying your frozen fries. There are several options you can choose from. All you need to do is to be familiar with the processes that each option comes with.

The various options of frying you can choose to pick from are listed in the paragraphs below.

1. Frying In A Frying Pan

This is the most popular option of frying frozen fries. It is the most used process, and it is credited to give the fries similar tastes as those fried in the restaurant. The processes of frying using a frying pan include:

  • Place a frying pan on the fire. Make sure the frying pan is deep enough to contain oil in an adequate amount. Preheat the oil and watch until smoke comes out from it.
  • Ensure the flame beneath your fry pan is not too high. You can keep it at ¼ of the highest flame level.
  • Drop the frozen fries in the oil as it shimmers. Do not put too many fries in the oil at the same time.
  • Allow it to fry until you notice the crispiness that comes with those fried in the restaurant. You might be wondering how you will know if it is crispy or not. The test is simple. Once you notice the fries changing to golden color, your crispy frozen fries are ready.
  • Remove the fries from the oil using a slotted spoon. This will allow you to shake off the excess oil and fats from the fries.
  • The final process is placing the frozen fries in a paper towel. You can also add some spices to them.
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2. Using An Oven To Fry

Here is another option of frying you can choose, particularly if you prefer oil in small quantities or you have been placed on a diet. Unlike frying your frozen fries in a frying pan, frying in an oven is not messy. It is also more accessible. You will be getting the same golden color that shows crispiness without needing to keep them in deep oil. Below are the processes you need to consider before you think of using an oven to fry frozen French fries.

  • Before frying, make sure you preheat the oven. You can set the temperature at 400°F.
  • If you have a metal baking sheet, place a foil sheet over it
  • Endeavor not to overlap when you are keeping the frozen fries over the baking sheet
  • Put the French fries in a zip bag and spray it with olive oil. Shake the bag thoroughly. This will make the oil mix into every fry. However, you can do without using olive oil if what you want is less crispy fries.
  • After applying oil to the fries, spread them over the baking sheet, and dust them with your best seasoning to add some tastes.
  • After all these processes, bake the fries until they appear golden.

3. Using Air Fryers

Do you want something that will help you cut some calories while maintaining its crispy and chunky taste? You can give frying frozen fries in an air fryer a chance. Using an air fryer comes with a lot of ease of benefits and prevents the house from stinking. Don’t be confused; frying frozen fries in air fryers gives you a crispier and better taste than baking in an oven. Let’s look at the processes together.

  • Spray some oil across the air fryer’s basket to prevent the fries from sticking to the basket.
  • Add ½lb or 1lb to the basket.
  • Fry at the rate of 400° for as long as 18 minutes
  • Toss the fries with some salt, and your fried frozen fries are ready.


Frozen French fries are quite the exceptional types of snacks and appetizers suitable for all times and seasons. However, consuming these fries in high quantity can be detrimental to your health, even to the extent of leading to death. Proper frying should also be done before it is consumed. You can choose any of the frying options discussed above for frying your frozen French fries.


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