Can You Boil Water on a Grill? (And How To Boil It?)

Have you been in an emergency where you needed hot water so badly, but the grill is the only heat source you have? Getting hot water seems impossible because you are probably not used to boiling water on a grill. 

You may want to boil water to make it conducive for drinking, bathing, or cooking while in the middle of nowhere or even at home.

Now, is it possible to boil water on a grill?

If you’re looking for information on how to boil water on a grill, you have come to the right place for answers! Here, you’ll learn if this is possible and how you can do it perfectly. Keep reading!

Can You Use a Grill To Boil Water?

Firstly, know that you can boil water on a grill. You can boil water using any grill you lay your hands on. However, we would advise you to boil water using a grill outdoor. It’s safer that way. 

Let’s discuss the different types of grills and their performances when used to boil water. 

Charcoal grill

The first on the list is the charcoal grill. You can boil water on a charcoal grill, whether using a pot or a kettle. 

The beauty of using a charcoal grill for this purpose is that it may sustain the temperature of your water for an extended period and as long as the charcoals still have some fire in them. 

Just remember to put on the charcoal first and allow it to get hot before you land your pot on the grill.

Gas Grill

With the gas grill, you can boil water faster. Additionally, gas grills are more cost-effective than even your electric stove. You can try it out and note the difference. 

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Remember to use your gas grill outside. And when doing so, keep an eye on the gas grill and protect it from rain. Allowing rain to fall on your gas grill can hamper its performance. 

A Handy Tip: Set to medium-low temperature (300 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit) when using a gas grill to boil water. 

Furthermore, remember to cover the lid of the pot or kettle when boiling water. Do this on any grill you’re using to boil water.

Propane grill

The propane grill is similar to a gas grill, and you can use it to boil water too. A propane grill boils water faster than electric stoves. 

How Long Does It Take To Boil Water On The Grill?

The type of grill you’re using determines how long it would take to boil water. But keep in mind that the grill isn’t the most efficient and quickest way to boil water fast. 

When using a microwave, water can reach its boiling point within 1.5 to 2 minutes. And generally, it takes 2 minutes for one cup of water to boil. 

Now, how long will it take to boil water on a grill? Well, it would take approximately 8 to 10 minutes. And keep in mind that covering the lid can cause water to boil faster. 

How To Boil Water On The Grill?

You have now seen that it’s possible to boil water on a grill. The only major hurdle you might be facing is how to go about it. 

So, how can you boil water on a grill with ease? Let’s discuss the steps. 

Step 1: Fill the kettle with water

If you don’t have a kettle, feel free to use a pot. Ensure the pot is clean to make the water useful for the intended purpose. 

Another important tip is to avoid filling the pot or kettle to the brim. Keep in mind that the water may pour out of the kettle or pot and wet your grill. It’s not pleasant to have a wet grill. 

After filling the kettle or pot with water, endeavor to cover them. Why? Covering the kettle will ensure the heat doesn’t go out and allow the water to boil fast.  

Step 2: Turn on the grill

It’s time to light up your grill. If you’re using a charcoal grill, pour the quantity of charcoal you intend to use into the grill and light it up. 

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You have to turn on your grill before placing the kettle or pot on it. It shouldn’t be the other way around. 

If you just finished preparing a barbecue, place the pot or kettle on the grill and let the water heat up. 

Step 3: Have some patience

Boiling water on a grill takes a bit longer. But you only have to wait for 8 to 10 minutes. 

So, you’ll have boiled water after a few minutes. Isn’t it worth the wait? Of course, it is.

Step 4: Take the kettle off the grill

If you’re using a pot or kettle, please be careful. There’s a chance the pot or kettle’s handle could be hot, and you could hurt yourself. 

So, remove the pot or kettle from the grill gently. 

What Can You Use To Boil Water on The Grill?

You can boil water on a grill using various kettles and pots. Of course, most people would prefer using a kettle. But that doesn’t mean pots aren’t useful for boiling water. 

However, avoid using any random pot or kettle, as they could take more time to boil water. Instead, use kettles or pots that boast the right materials to boil water on a grill. You’ll enjoy the process and probably spend a little time waiting. 

So, what pots or kettles are ideal for heating water on a grill? Let’s look at some of the must-have options on the market. 

1. Stainless steel pots

You probably have heard that stainless steel makes one of the best cookware. It’s an undeniable fact. 

With stainless steel pots, you can boil water on a grill with ease, safely and faster. And what’s more, stainless steel pots are built to last. They can withstand high temperatures produced by the grill. 

2. Aluminum pots

Firstly, aluminum is abundant in nature, and therefore, cookware made from this material has reasonable price points. 

Another reason to consider using aluminum is that they’re good conductors of heat. Aluminum pots distribute heat evenly and are good for boiling water. 

Foods cooked on aluminum pots come out properly cooked, as even heat distribution reduces hot spots. So if you plan on using your aluminum pot for other purposes besides boiling water on a grill, you won’t regret splashing the cash on this cookware. 

3. Steamer pot

These pots boast a wide range of uses. For example, you can use them for cooking and boiling water on a grill. 

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Steamer pots are durable, and with their transparent lid, you can tell if the water has boiled without taking off the lid. 

4. Enameled pots

It would be unfair to end the list of cookware ideal for boiling water on a grill without including enameled pots

These pots are efficient for boiling water on a grill. However, avoid using scratched enamel pots to boil water or cook. 

Can Grills Blow Up If It Gets Wet While Boiling?

No, this can’t happen. Propane, charcoal, or gas grill won’t blow up when wet while boiling water. Grills won’t even blow when rain falls on them. 

When boiling water pours on your grill, the heat should be a major concern. When water pours on a charcoal grill, getting it to generate heat can be an arduous task. 

On the other hand, let’s not forget grills can blow up. But then, water won’t be responsible for this. When gas clogs the burner, there’s a chance the grill could blow up. 

Various Ways To Boil Water Without Electricity

Imagine how frustrating it would be to boil water using an electric stove when you have a power failure in your area. It can happen after a natural disaster or probably, planned maintenance. 

You might also find yourself outside your home and in an area without electricity. How can you boil water in any of these circumstances?

Use any of the tips below. 

  • Boil water on your grill. Propane, charcoal, or gas grill would work fine. 
  • Use a gas stove. You can use a pot or kettle.
  • Boil water using candles. Just light them under the kettle or pot and wait patiently. 
  • Boil water on your fire pit 
  • Boil water using a solar cooker

Conclusion: Can you boil water on a grill?

Yes, you can boil water on a grill with ease. You can also use a pot or kettle, and the grill could be propane, gas, or even a charcoal grill. They all work fine. 

Grills can boil water in about 8 to 10 minutes, though other heat sources can get the job done much quicker. We also shared steps to boil water on a grill and advised that you don’t fill your pot or kettle to the brim. 

The reason is that the water could wet the grill and reduce the heat or make it difficult to light up the grill. 

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